Cards Against Humanity Time! Okay so we are hosting a CAH game for our members. We are going to try and gather as many participants as we can to shoot for Saturday 2/24/18. Our solid date we are hosting is NEXT WEEKEND 3/3/18! Please sign into our discord channel to organize a time that is good for as many as possible. CAH Discord Channel

news flashThere is a re-opening event that we will keep open for the entire month of February and possibly well into March! Also we have downsized the world (playable areas) and modified our avatar rules to allow artwork as well as real life face claims.

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You've stumbled upon a play-by-post RPG! I sure hope you like to read and write! The setting in which Marked takes place is an original fantasy world called, Elesya. Much of the world exists upon the shoulders of medieval-esque themes, with a growing flare for more advanced technology that strongly resembles steampunk. There are several races available that you can create a character as, not to mention multiple important roles to be filled. We don't have word counts or activity checks, and we consider ourselves intermediate. Our site is somewhat adult so there is an age requirement of 18+.

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Welcome to our forums area! The "start here" forum is basically everything and anything that involves new members and character creation and plotting.
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The wonderful and exciting world of Elesya. Really, all the fun happens here.
Lymora Celesta, Neutral Lands, Lymoria, Open Seas

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Where you can introduce yourself and start discussions with fellow members.
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